Get your KOTO House by following this simple steps:

  1. Kindly make a selection of your dream house type at  KOTO HOUSE DESIGNS

  2. Complete the online application form at KOTO House Application From

  3. Pay relevant commitment fees (Kshs. 100,000 for bungalows and maisonettes, Kshs. 300,000 for projects with multiple units and Kshs. 50K for a classroom. Payment of Commitment fees facilitates the following items

  4. Preparation of Architectural plans, Structural Plans, Bill of quantities for the chosen house type and enables us to visit your site.

  5. Upon receipt of the items in 4 above, Submit your plans to your county for approval.

  6. Organise financing for the construction cost e.g Savings, Take a Mortgage Loan from one of our partners.

  7. Submit approved building plans to KOTO housing Kenya

  8. Sign the KOTO Construction Delivery Contract

  9. Pay the construction cost as per the agreed Priced Bills of Quantities.

  10. KOTO Housing Kenya Limited builds your house as per the construction contract.

Other KOTO Requirements:

  1. Ensure your plot is fenced or there is adequate security on site

  2. Ensure utilities e.g water / electricity / sewer are on site

  3. Sketch plan showing site and relevant access roads to your site

  4. Ensure your land is levelled and is firm.

County Licence Requirements for Approval of Building Plans

  1. A current certified copy of the title deed from the ministry of Lands ( 3 Months or Less)

  2. Relevant Rates Receipt for current year

  3. Copy of previously approved plans (if redeveloping existing building)

Guide to your koto house