The realization of bridging the housing deficit in the country has begun. We are glad many Kenyans have chosen us to build their houses. Several applications have been made and we are waiting for approved plans from those who have applied to start construction. Soon several KOTO houses will be seen in different counties.

We have also received numerous inquiries on the price of our houses. Earlier in the year we posted an article on what constitutes a KOTO house and price at http://www.kotohousingkenya.co.ke/updates/2015/what-is-a-koto-house

The price of a house depends on: Size and type of the house, types of finishes, site conditions and the location.

How does the above affect price?

First and foremost, one can build a 100 square metre 3 bedroom house and another can build a 150 sqm 3 bedroom. The two are 3 bedroom houses but they will cost differently.

Secondly, one can chose to insert tiles, bathtub, and decra roof in one house and another can choose not to have tiles, bathtub and use ironsheet. The two houses will too not cost the same.

Thirdly, a house built in Siaya cannot cost the same as a house built in Thika. This is because the cost of sand, ballast and cement is lower in Thika than Siaya. For example, ballast, hardcore will not cost the same in different locations.  The difference in price will have a bearing on the final cost of the house.

Last but not least, a slopy terrain will require more backfilling than a level surface. Backfilling requires use of hardcore, quary dust, stones, sand, cement and labour. As highlighted, these elements cost differently in different locations.

However, we are also pleased to announce that KOTO can build a house that suits your budget subject to the above intervening factors.

Make your application now from http://www.kotohousingkenya.co.ke/guide-to-your-koto-house/ and start your dream of owning a home.